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Request a FREE Auction Evaluation

Whether you wish to auction one object or an entire collection, contact the Antique Reader Appraisal Services department by calling 718-393-3888 to arrange an evaluation of your item(s).

Or send consignment pictures to

Note: Obtaining an evaluation places you under no obligation to sell. There is no charge for an auction evaluation.






How We Evaluate Your Property

The Antique Reader appraiser will evaluate your property in terms of its auction marketability and will provide auction estimates. This is a price range that an appraiser believes your property will likely sell for at auction.  

Antique Reader takes special care to find the proper auction for your property. This means including your item with like material to attract interested collectors. Antique Reader staff will evaluate current market demand and provide adequate sales exposure time. Consignments are generally needed at least 1 month in advance of an auction.

Approximately two weeks before the auction, you will receive notice of the sale date, auction location, and the lot numbers assigned to your items that will appear in that auction.






Methods to Consign Your Property

After the evaluation, we will inform you the acceptance of your consignments. Before consigning, please have the consignment form filled out.

1. In person: you can come to our site and drop the consignments along with the consignment form. Hand deliveries are accepted from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday by appointment.

2. Pickup: we can schedule a pickup the consignments upon request at your convenience, please have your consignment form ready. Extra fees may apply.

3. Delivery: Choose your favorite carrier and send us your consignments along with the consignment form. The appropriate specialty department should be clearly marked on the exterior packaging. A detailed packing list must be enclosed and, if possible, a copy of previous correspondence.







Commission Rates and Fees

Antique Reader's standard commission rates for a seller are 15% of the selling price in general. However, we do take into consideration of the higher value of the items may have room to negotiate to a lower commission rate.

For large collections and for items of exceptional quality, commission rates and other fees may be negotiable. Contact Antique Reader Appraisal Services at (718)393-3888.


纽约瑞德拍卖公司的标准佣金率为落槌价的15%.如果拍品价格较高,我们可以商议具体的佣金额度.具体情况请联系纽约瑞德拍卖公司评估部门: (718) 393-3888.


Insurance Rates and Fees

Antique Reader maintains insurance on all property in its possession. Insurance is charged at a rate of 1% of the reserve price. An additional cost of photography fee is $10 per lot.




After the Auction

Price information can be accessed online in real-time during an auction and after the auction. Note that prices listed online include the buyer's premium and are not the hammer price. Past price lists can be accessed on this web site at Auction Results. Thirty-five business days following an auction, Antique Reader sends settlement checks and statements containing the details of the commission cost and previously confirmed expenses and charges.


价格信息可以实时在网上查询.请注意,在线查到的价格包含了买家佣金,而并不是落槌价.之前拍卖的价格列表可以在网站上拍卖结果中查到.拍卖后35天内, 纽约瑞德拍卖公司会寄出支票和包含所有费用信息的对账单.


Sellers Frequently Asked Questions



Where is Antique Reader?


Antique Reader auctions are held at:

3906 Crescent Street, Long Island City, NY 11101. Directions.

纽约瑞德拍卖公司位于: 3906 Crescent Street, Long Island City, NY 11101. 

Where can I have potential auction items evaluated?
You may bring your property to Antique Reader. Appointments are necessary.  Auction evaluations may also be obtained by mailing photographs or by emailing digital images to



What is consignment?
To "consign" literally means to "deliver" or "entrust".  By consigning your property to Antique Reader, you are simply setting the stage for that property to be sold at auction on your behalf.



What does the consignment agreement cover?
The consignment agreement is a contract outlining the details of the auction process, Antique Reader's commission rate, and other associated fees. See Terms and Agreement.


委托协议包括了拍卖流程, 纽约瑞德拍卖公司的佣金率,和其他费用.

Why does Antique Reader provide an "estimated range of value" for each object?
This high/low price estimate is printed in the auction catalogue with the object's lot number and description. Though not a guarantee, this estimate provides the seller with an expected range of auction value and the buyer with a guideline for potential purchase.  



Is the "estimated range of value" the same as an "auction estimate?"
Yes.  Auction estimates are given free of charge by Antique Reader's appraisers. Obtaining an auction estimate does not require you to sell your object(s). 


是的. 在纽约瑞德拍卖公司,估价是免费的.

How does an auction evaluation differ from a written appraisal?
A written appraisal is a detailed description of an object or collection that may be used for insurance or trust purposes. There is a fee charged for written appraisals.



What is a reserve? 
A reserve agreement is a contract between the auction house and the seller, setting a minimum price at which an item can sell. Most property is offered without a reserve - at the auctioneer's discretion.





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