Chinese Cloisonne Box with Cover Late Ming Dynasty Diameter:18 cm Very Good Condition
Chinese/Tibetan Gilt Bronze Buddha 19th Century Height:21 cm Good Condition
Pair of Chinese Cloisonne Square Vases Qing Dynasty,of 19th Century Height:27 cm Very Good Condition
Chinese Gilt Bronze Cloisonne Incense Burner Early 20th Century Height:27cm Very Good Condition
Old Chinese Pink Crystal Carved Cup Early 20th Century,Min Guo Period Length:12 cm In Good Condition,natural inclusion,not flaw.
Chinese Bronze Qilin of Qing Dynasty Qing Dynasty,Late 19th Century. Height:9 cm Length:13 cm In Good Condition
Song Dynasty Chinese Carved Stone Sheep Song Dynasty Length:19cm Height:14 cm Good Condition,very few tiny chips.
Small Chinese Bronze Kuan-Yin Statue 19th Century Height: 10.5 cm Very Good Condition
Two Chinese Antique Paper Weights One Is Made of Stone,the Other Is Hard Wood,Both From 19th Century Length:27cm and 24cm Very Good Condition
A 18th Century Bronze Jesus Statue 18th Century Height: 20 cm Very Good Condition
Chinese Qing Bronze Gourd Shaped Vase 19th Century Height: 11 cm In very good condition
Two Chinese Bronze Vase,Qing Dynasty 19th Century Height:12.5cm and 13.5cm In very good condition
17-18th Century Chinese Partially Gilt Bronze Buddha Late Ming to Early Qing Dynasty Height: 14.5 cm In very good condition
Chinese Carved and Lacquered Wood Shou Lao Min Guo Period,Early 20th Century Height: 22.5 cm Very Good Condition
Chinese Huanghuali Wood Table Screen with Painted Dream Stone early Qing Dynasty,17th Century Height: 25 cm In very good condition
Chinese Carved Brick of A Boy,Ming Dynasty 17th Century L: 21cm W:12cm Height:10cm Good condition considering the age.
Chinese Carved Bamboo Ruyi Qing Dynasty 19th Century Length: 35 cm Very good condition
Chinese Carved Hardwood Wall Vase with Mother-of-Pearl Inserts 19th Century Height: 25.5cm Width: 14cm Very good condition
Ancient Chinese Bronze Coin Qing Dynasty Diameter: 5.5cm In Fine Condition
Rare Ancient Chinese Bronze Coin Qing Dynasty Diameter: 5.5 cm In Good condition