European Three Lights Bronze Chandelier Condition: good overall Dimension: 31 by 12 inches
Pair of French Bronze 19th C. Chandelier Condition: good overall Dimension: 30 by 20 inches
3 Glass Bowl in Bronze Kitchen Lights Condition: good overall Dimension: 52 by 10 inches(each)
Grand Italian 19th C. Crystal Chandelier Condition: good overall Dimension: 54 by 54 inches
European Bronze Old Crystal Chandeliers Condition: good overall Dimension: 35 by 35 inches
Italian Round Crystal Chandelier Condition: good overall Dimension: 36 by 24 inches
European Bronze 19th C. French Chandelier w/ Angel Condition: good overall Dimension: 40 by 20 inches
Super Large Italian Oil on Canvas Condition: good overall Dimension: 45 by 58 inches
European Oil on Canvas Painting, Signed Condition: good overall Dimension: 32 by 26 inches
1910 Imperial Russian Shashka Sword with highly engraved blade Condition: As is Dimension:
Indo-Perisian or Turkish Shamshir Kilij-Sword. Pattern Welded Damqskvs-Steel Blade is 32.5" Long. Total Lenth is 38 inches. Hilt-Carved Black Horn. There is a Number on the back of the blade, next to hict-J13 1897. Probably an inventory Mark. The...
Imperial Russian Shashka Sword No Scabbard Condition: Good Dimension:
Rare Russian Caucasian Cossack Shashka Sword made for child Condition: As is Dimension: over all 24 1/2',blade 20'
Gilt Sword w/ Turquoise Condition: very good Dimension: 38 1/2 inches length
RARE ANTIQUE RUSSIAN BRONZE MACE HEAD KALUGA 1831 Of bronze, in characteristic coboctahedral form, retaining its original stepped and beaded finial, and engraved on each face in Russian with its find-site and date, KALUGA / 20TH DAY OF FEBRUARY /...
Imperial Russian Caucasian Sword Shasha Silver Nie Dimension: over all 36 1/2"
Antique Russian Imperial Caucasian Kinjal Dagger Knife with Scabbard Sheathe Size of the dagger with scabbard: 48x5 cm / 19x2 inches Size without the scabbard: 45x3.5 cm / 17.7x1.4 inches Size of the blade: 31.5x3.5 cm / 12.5x1.4 inches