European Bronze Carving of a Deer, Signed Dimension: 18.5 by 14 inches
Viennese Bronze Figures of Arab Guyd Condition: Good dimension : 8"L*7 1/2"W
Pair of Candelabra Lamps Dimension: 36 by 8.5 inches
Pair of European Bronze Cups Dimension: 9.5 by 7 inches
Hermes Table Clock Condition: Dimension:
8 Pieces Coin Condition: Dimension: 2.2cm biggest
Two Glass Wine Container w/ Brass Box Condition: good Dimension: 5 1/2 inches height by 7 1/4 inches length by 3 1/2 inches width
19th C. French Bronze Center Piece, Signed Under Labra & Base "HENRY DASSON" Condition: good overall Dimension: 26 inches height by 26 inches width
Persian Brass Scroll Holder Condition: very good Dimension: 19 inches height
Marble and Bronze Clock Condition: as is Dimension: 6 inches width by 15 inches height
Two Group Figurine Condition: very good Dimension: 7 inches height by 7 inches width
Bronze Lion Hunting, Signed " Fratin" Condition: very good Dimension: 19 inches length by 7 inches width by 10 inches height
Pair of Gilt Bronze Crystal, French - 19th C. Condition: one crack on crystal Dimension: 17 inches height
LeCoultre Table Clock Condition: good overall Dimension: 11"H
Pair of Porcelain and Bronze Cover Vase Condition: good overall Dimension: 19"H
French Bronze Mirror, Signed "F.Barbedierne" Condition: very good Dimension: 13 1/4 inches length by 6 inches width
French Enameled Bronze Hand Mirror, Marked Condition: very good Dimension: 14 1/2 by 8 inches width
19C French Gilt Bronze Statue by Eutrope Bouret ( 1833 - 1903 ) . Signed Bouret, with exhibition plaque on base front . Condition : very good dimension : Size 19" height , 6" base diameter.
Chinese Bronze with Enamel Pair of Candelesticks. Condition : very good dimension : Size 8 1/2 inches high.
Austria Bronze Light, Marked Condition: good overall Dimension: 5 by 8 by 18 inches