French Bronze & Enamel Box Condition: as is Dimension: 3 1/4 by 3 3/4 by 2 inches width
4 Pieces of Enamel & Silver Perfume Bottle Condition: as is Dimension: 2 inches height(smallest one)
Pair of Large Antique Candelabra, w/ Hall Mark Condition: very good Dimension: 20 inches height
Set of 19th C. English Sugar, Creamer w/ Original Box Condition: as is, missing one spoon Dimension: 2 3/4 inches height(cup)
Baccarat Sterling Silver Centerpiece Condition: good overall Dimension: 17 1/2 inches height by 5 1/2 inches height
Tiffany & Co. Glass Sterling Silver Water Pot, w/ Hallmark Condition: as is Dimension: 8 1/4 inches height
Pair of Jewish Torah Finial Condition: good overall Dimension: 11 1/2 inches height
Jewish Silver Parchment Esther Scroll Condition: very good Dimension: 13 1/2 inches height
Sterling Silver Seder Plate Condition: very good Dimension: 3 3/4 inches height by 13 inches width
19th C. Japanese Silver Cigarette Condition: very good Dimension: 3 by 2 1/4 inches height
Russian 84 Silver Enamel Vessel w/ Peacock Design Condition: very good Dimension: 10 1/4 by 5 1/2 inches height, 741.6 grams
Vintage sight Japanese Erotic Netsuke Condition: As is
sheep skin with lama coat Condition: As is Dimension: size XL
red fox fur jacket. Condition :As is Dimension : Size M
Russian cigar box, carved wood, dated 1916, with key, 3" h x 11" w x 8" d. Provenance: From a California collection.
Islamic Text Tile Condition: very good Dimension: 50 by 25 inches
3 Pieces of Roman Glass Condition: as is Dimension: 3 1/4 inches height & 4 inches height & 3 1/2 inches height
Japanese Banko Teapot Condition: as is Dimension: 6 1/2 inches length by 4 inches height
Persian Wood Box Condition: as is Dimension: 2 inches height by 9 inches length by 6 1/4 inches width