Oil on Canvas of Rabbi w/ Candles, Unkown Artist Condition: good overall Dimension: 18 1/2 by 14 1/2 inches
Pastel Drawing Painting , Portrait of Girl Condition: good overall Dimension:20"x28"
Pastel Drawing Painting , Portrait of Lisa Condition: good overall Dimension:20" *28"
Mid-East Book Condition: as is Dimension: 10 by 6 inches
Italian Watercolor Painting, Signed Condition: very good
3 Pieces of Sterling Silver Photo Frame Condition: as is Dimension: 4 by 3 inches (largest)
Bronze Enamel Photo Frame w/ Hand Painted Lady Condition: very good Dimension: 5 inches diameter
Spanish Oil Painting on Canvas, Signed Condition: good overall Dimension: 16 by 13 inches
Oil Painting on Cardboard, 18th C. Condition: as is Dimension: 20 3/4 by 17 3/4 inches
Double Side Pietradora Plaque Condition: good overall Dimension: 6 1/2 by 4 3/4 inches
Pair of Framed Bisque Relief Condition: good overall, one figure is broken Dimension: 6 1/2 by 9 inches
Indian Painting w/ Two Mythical Figures Condition: very good Dimension: 24 1/2 inches by 24 1/2 inches
A Extremely Large 19th C. 1840's French Dore Gilt Bronze Clock Condition: good overall Dimension: 76cm length by 48cm height by 20cm width
Large French Bronze & Marble Centerpiece, 19th C. Condition: as is Dimension: 22 inches height by 22 icnhes width by 12 inches deep
Russian Dore Bonze Figurine w/ Malachite Condition: very good Dimension: 9 inches length by 6 1/4 inches height
Russian Dore Bronze Farmer Condition: very good Dimension: 7 inches length by 6 inches height
19th C. French Marble Centerpiece Mounted w/ Gilt Bronze Condition: as is, repaired Dimension: 13 inches height by 17 inches height
Baccarat Bronze & Glass Vase Condition: very good Dimension: 15 1/2 inches height
Pair of French Bronze Antique Condition: as is Dimension: 15 inches height by 17 inches length