German World War II "Krupp" Dagger w/ Gilt Fitting & Handle Condition: as is Dimension: 13 1/4 inches length
Figural of Arab Man on Horse Condition: good overall Dimension: 8 1/2 inches width by 9 inches height
European Bronze of Story "Moses" Condition: good Dimension: 14 1/4 inches by 12 1/2 inches width
Abstract Bronze Modern Sculpture Condition: very good Dimension: 12 1/2 inches by 9 1/2 inches without base
European Bronze Figure of a Beauty, Signed w/ Marble Base Condition: good overall Dimension: 20 1/2 inches height
European Bronze Sculpture of a Naked Boy w/ Signature Condition: very good Dimension: 19 inches height
Bronze Bust of A Man Smoking Condition: very good Dimension: 10 inches height
German Signed, Two Figure Bronze Prussian on Stone Condition: very good Dimension: 7 3/4 inches height
18K Gold "Krieger" Mechanic Watch -Limited Edition Condition: working condition Dimension: 1 5/8 inches diameter
1971 Cannon Camera Model A1 Condition: good Dimension: 5 1/2 inches by 3 inches(body), & 8 inches length(lens)
Republic Period Chinese Lapis Carved Beauty Condition: very good Dimension: 13 3/4 in. H
Blanc de Chine Figure of Buddha Condition: excellent Dimension: 6 1/2" H x 5 3/4" W
Pair of Porcelain Vase Republic w/ Flower Motif Condition: very good Dimension: 17 inches height
Jadeite Natural Stone Condition: as is Dimension: 3 1/2 by 2 5/8 inches
Chinese Jadeite Carving of Bangle Condition: very good Dimension: 2 1/2 inches diameter
Chinese Jadeite Ruyi Condition: very good Dimension: 1 7/8 inches length
3 Pieces of 19th C. Chinese Cloisonne Planters w/ Jade & Gemstone Condition: good overall Dimension: 9 inches height(overall), 3 1/2 inches diameter by 1 7/8 inches height(planter) & 13 inches height by 17 inches width(without
Chinese Porcelain Plaque Depicting Fish, Flower, & Birds Condition: plaque in good condition Dimension: 40 by 26 inches (overall), 30 1/2 by 16 1.2 inches(plaque)
Old Master Oil Painting on Canvas w/ Gilt Frame Condition: chip on frame Dimension: 20 1/4 by 23 1/4 inches(painting)
English Oil Painting, Signed Condition: chip on frame Dimension: 25 by 17 1/2 inches(painting)