Figural Bronze Statue of a Woman Fishing. On a Marble Base. Signed: "Baye" Condition: very good Dimension: 14 1/2"H
Bronze Sculpture of a Little Girl, Signed "Bessie Potter Vonnah" Condition: very good Dimension: 9 1/4 inches height
Italian Bronze Figure on Horse Condition: good Dimension: 11 by 14 inches height (without stand)
19th C. Silver Statue on Malachite Pedestal, Marked "800" on the bottom Condition: very good Dimension: 13 1/4 inches height
Pair of 19th C. Dore Bronze and Rouge Marble Candelabra Condition: good overall Dimension: 29 1/2"H
19th C. Brown Patina Bronze Statue of a Seated Woman. Signed: "L. Pilet". Condition: good Dimension: 11"H x 15 1/2"W
19th C. Dark Patina Bronze Statue. "Gladiator with Iaculum and Trident". Signed: "E. Marioton" Condition: good Dimension: 17"H
19th C. Dore Bronze Statue atop a Malachite Inkwell Base. "Gentleman on Horseback". Condition: Small chip on base, otherwise in good condition. Dimension: 13"H x 10 1/2"W (with stand)
Dore Bronze Figural Statue of a Man playing a musical instrument seated on a green marble base Condition: missing one stand leg Dimension: 11"W x 14"H
Vintage "Tudor" Gold Plated Stainless Steel, 14K Gold Bezel Automatic Condition: working condition, good overall Dimension: 9 inches length(overall) 1 5/8 inches diameter(watch)
18th C. Chinese Agate Snuff Bottle Condition: very good, missing spoon Dimension: 2 1/2"L x 1 7/8"W
Chinese Black/White Jade Snuff Bottle , carved fishman and buffalo Condition: very good, missing spoon Dimension: 8cm height
Chinese Snuff Bottle w/ Jade Condition: very good, chips on stopper, missing Dimension: 7cm height
Chinese Jadeite Carved Snuff Bottle Condition: very good, one tiny chip on bottom rim Dimension: 2 3/8 inches height by 2 inches width
Chinese Porcelain Snuff Bottle Condition: good overall Dimension: 3 1/4 inches height
A Chinese archaic serpentine vase and lion-finial cover, on pierced wood stand, 19th - early 20th Century Condition: very good, repaired atop Dimension: 19cm x 17cm x 6cm
Chinese Large Jadeite Carving of Longevity Condition: chip on edge Dimension: 14 1/4 inches height by 10 inches width
An Old Chinese Cinnabar Vase Condition: multiple chips, poor Dimension: 9 inches height
Chinese "Shoushan" Beast Carved Seal Dimension: 5.2 cm H *2.7 cm W Condition: good
Pair of Jadeite Dices, Guarantee Grade A Condition: good, some dots had its color worn off Dimension: 1 inches length