1971 Cannon Camera Model A1 Condition: good Dimension: 5 1/2 inches by 3 inches(body), & 8 inches length(lens)
European Gilt Frame Oil on Canvas Cover Wagon Scene w/ Figures, Signed "Ellen A. Brown" Condition: crack on frame, painting in very good condition Dimension: 11 1/2 by 9 1/2 inches w/o frame, 19 by 17 inches w/ frame
Signed"E.Fioruntini" Italian Gilt Framed Water Color Maiden on Wall w/ Gentleman Condition: very good Dimension: 11 by 20 1/2 inches (without frame)
Early Oil on Canvas of Interior Cathedral w/ All Over Figures & Decoration, Signed Lower Left & Dated 1883 Condition: rip on painting and crack on frame Dimension: 13 1/4 by 19 1/4 inches without frame
Interior Water Color Scene w/ Maiden, Gentleman, and Children Signed "McCunney" Condition: very good Dimension: 14 by 10 1/4 inches without frame, 21 by 17 1/2 with frame
Framed Water Color Landscape Scene w/ Animals, Signed "Stan Johns" Condition: very good Dimension: 19 by 10 without frame
Gilt Framed Oil on Canvas River Mountain Landscape, Signed Lower Left and Versus" Thomas Bailey Griffin" Condition: good Dimension: 19 1/2 by 15 1/2 without frame
Carved and Gilt Framed Impressionistic Lake Landscape w/ Trees and Dwellings, Signed "A.Spencer " Condition: good overall, chip on frame Dimension: 19 1/2 by 16 without frame & 25 1/2 by 22 inches with frame
Viennese Enamel Miniature Rectangular Clock Condition: very good Dimension: 2 3/8 by 3 inches
Empire Small Bronze Clock Condition: good overall, missing back cover Dimension: 10 3/4 inches height
Late 19th C. American Gilt Bronze Clock Condition: good Dimension: 7 1/2 inches width by 12 inches height
Pair of Bronze Bust of Boys; Cry & Laugh Condition: very good Dimension: 8 inches height
European Bronze Figure Statue Condition: very good Dimension: 9 inches height w/ base
French Bronze Sculpture of Horses, Marked Condition: very good Dimension: 8 1/2 inches diameter by 10 inches height
German Signed, Two Figure Bronze Prussian on Stone Condition: very good Dimension: 7 3/4 inches height
European Signed "Titze" Bronze Figure of Satyr Reclined on Rock Condition: good overall Dimension: 5 1/4 inches length
Pair of Patinated Metal Cherub Figures on Ebonized Wood Bases Condition: good overall Dimension: 8 1/2 inches height