2 Pieces Russian Silver Drinking Cups Condition: very good Dimension: 3 inches height by 4 inches width
A Nun Handpainted Painting Condition: good overall Dimension: 21 1/2 inches by 26 inches(with frame)
English Made Western Oil on Canvas Painting Condition: fair, worn off Dimension: 25 by 30 inches
"L.Icart" - Painting w/ frame, Signed Condition: good Dimension: 15 by 22 inches (without frame)
19th C. Oil Painting of a Girl w/ Gilt Frame, Signed Condition: chip on frame Dimension: 25 inches by 33 inches (with frame)
European Oil on Canvas w/ Wooden Frame Condition: good overall Dimension: 51 x 35 inches (with frame)
Oil Painting on Board Condition: very good Dimension: 36 by 23 inches w/o frame
Early Piccaso Print, but print on top of the print Condition: good Dimension: 25 by 19 inches (painting only)
20th C. Oil on Cardboard with Ornate Gold Leaf Frame. "Impressionist Portrait of Woman in Red" Signed by Artist in Russian: "V. A. Korobov" Condition: good Dimension: 21"W x 25"L
19th C. Oil on Canvas. Landscape with Waterfall, Signed Condition: condition upon request Dimension: 33 inches by 40 inches
19th C. Victorian Hand Painted Bone Portrait of a Woman with Bone frame Condition: good overall Dimension: 3"L x 3 1/2"W
Hand Painted Portrait of a Woman with Frame. Borders and trim of frame slightly peeling. Condition: good, chips & cracks on frame Dimension: 4 3/4" x 4 3/8"
Oil on Canvas. "Landscape of river and rapids" Unframed. Signed: "Ellie Wilson". Condition: good Dimension: 22" x 17"
19th Century Oil on Canvas- Old Collector in his Shop- Burl Wood and Gold Leaf Frame. Signed lower left- undecipherable signature Condition: Some missing wood on frame. Dimension: 20"W x 17"H
19th century Oil on canvas in a frame with traces of gilt. A sunrise scene of peasants cooking in the foreground, their wagon and tent in the rear. Signed H. Martin. Continental. Condition: good, chips on frame Dimension: 25 3/8" x 21 3/8"
Old Master Oil on Tin with Ornate Gold Leaf Frame. "Rabbi's celebrating in a wine cellar" Condition: good, chips on frame, normal aging occurs. Dimension: 15 1/2"L x 13 3/4"W
English Oil on Canvas with Gold Leaf Frame. "Portrait of a Painter". Unsigned. Original London Dealer Stamp: "Henry Graves and Company LTD." Craquelure occurs. Condition: chips on frame Dimension: 10 1/4"L x 12 1/4"W
Early 20th C. Oil on Board with Gold Leaf Frame. "Portrait of a Pretty Woman with Red Scarf". Signed: "Rudolph Epp". Condition: In good condition Dimension: 17"W x 19"L
Oil on Canvas "Historical painting of a woman giving a coin to the poor, holding a bible" Unframed. Signed: "Richter" Condition: good Dimension: 20" x 32 1/2"
Oil on Canvas "Midnight landscape" Signed: "James Northcote 1882" Condition: good Dimension: 22"W x 14 1/2"L