Oil Painting on Board Condition: very good Dimension: 17 1/2 by 20 1/4 inches
A Cut-cristal seal with silver-gilted jeweled decorations and guilloche enamel on the top of seal, mossaqat picture surrounded with rosse-cut diamond Size: 4 1/2"
Chinese soapstone carving of musicians on a boat 20th century Condition: good overall Dimension: 7 3/4 by 3 1/2 inches height
Very Unusual Cane Handle in Form of Horse Head Decorated with Silver Ornaments and Enamel. Signed with Russian Marks Condition: very good Dimension: 6 1/2 inches length
Chinese Porcelain Dish Set w/ Original Box Condition: good overall Dimension: 12 inches diameter(box), 5 inches diameter(dish)
Oil Painting on Paper, Signed"Ramos Martinez". Newspaper Called" The Peoples Journal" and dated" Saturday, November 16, 1929" Condition: very good Dimension: 18 by 23 inches w/ frame
Jewish Painting Oil on Canvas, Signed "Buczacki" Condition: good overall, damage on painting Dimension: 19 by 15 inches overall
Oil Painting on Canvas of a Scholar Gentleman Condition: good overall Dimension: 12 by 10 inches (painting)
1856 Oilon Canvas Painting by Moritz Von Schwind of ST.E Giving Alms Condition: good overall Dimension: 57 by 29 inches
Antique Japanese Samurai Sword Early 1600's signed SET-SU JYU FUJI-WARA SADA-KUNI. Condition: Fair Dimension: 31" long 24 3/4" blade
European Oil on Canvas Painting of a Lady Condition: good overall Dimension: 27.5 by 21.5 inches
Antique 19c Russian icon of Three Handed Mother of God. Hand painted with egg tempera,gesso and levkas on wood panel. Condition: Very good Size 12 1/4 x 10 3/4 inches.
Chinese Pink Stone Carving of God of Longevity Condition: good overall Dimension: 19 by 9.5 inches
Antique 17c. Russian Presentation Sword. 37 1/2" long Condition :Good
Russian Silver Samovar Boiling Device Condition: very good Dimension: 18 1/4 inches height
Pair of Russian Crystal and Silver Wine Pitcher, Signed "Bolin" Condition: good overall Dimension: 13 1/4 inches height
Russian Pinkish 14K Gold Box w/ Mark Condition: very good Dimension: 2 1/4 inches diameter by 1 inches height
"Tiffany" Signed Jewelry Pin we are not guarantee the authenticity of any other company made objects, we only present the way it is Condition: very good Dimension: 61mm length